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Monday, December 20, 2004
I went to the Otolaryngologist today (a.k.a. ENT doctor).

As many of you know, I damaged my left eardrum in a freak accident last weekend. I waited about a week to see if it would heal on it's own, but decided to go to the doctor on Friday anyway just to see how bad it was and if it was infected. The doctor looked at it at said, "Whoa... you need to see a specialist."

Well, that wasn't too encouraging. And since I couldn't see anyone until after the weekend, I was worried all weekend about whether or not I would need surgery and if I would lose hearing in my left ear.

Today, I went to the specialist. He looked at my right (healthy) ear first, and noticed right away that I had a "wax impaction" and proceeded to grab tools, drops, and other devices and went to work on my ear. This vaccuum thing felt like it was going to suck my brain through my ear. I was thinking to myself, "If this guy puts this thing in my other ear, it's gonna hurt like hell."

Anyways, he removed the impaction (which was very embarrasing) and moved around to the other ear. He noticed the perforation and said it was about 1.5 mm (which is smaller than the 3 mm the other doctor told me). He also noted the blod clot in front. He said he would need to clean it out using the same manner as the other ear. I politely asked if there was ANY other method.

In the end, he told me he thought it could heal on it's own. He mentioned that in his experience, anything under 2.5 mm usually heals spontaneously. He said he would prefer to remove the blood clot because sometimes they can help facilitate an infection, but since I didn't particularly want to do that, he didn't mind leaving it there. He felt that it would come out over time. He made me a little custom ear plug to use when I am in the shower. He said I should avoid water getting in it at all costs. He also said I should leave the cotton out because that can trap moisture behind it.

So, overall, good news I think. I go back tomorrow for a hearing test (audiogram). We will see in a few more weeks how much better I am doing.

One thing he asked me was when I had my tonsils out. I have no idea. I told him around 9 or 10 years old, but that was just a guess. All I can remember from getting my tonsils out is eating ice-cream afterwards.


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