May 21, 2019


Sunday, October 31, 2004
I guess I am getting old. At some point, knee-high boots and a mini-skirt became a halloween costume for kids. I was about to ask, "What are you supposed to be?", but I realized that I was asking for trouble.

Halloween this year was fun. We set up the scooby doo "Mystery Machine" sign in the front yard. After walking with Neo and a friend down the street, Christian (dressed up as Velma), handed out candy next to the Mystery machine. You can see pics here. And be sure to check out these four new Ethan pictures!!

Also, this morning I shot pistols at the PSC shooting club. I was invited to go by a guy at work. Overally, I think I shot fairly decent having only shot a pistol once or twice before. We shot .22 caliber pistols at bowling ball pin tops (the top of the pin is sawed off). Also we had a "stump shoot" where teams try to chop their wooden "stump" in half with bullets before the other teams. It was a lot of fun. The club was nice and so were the people. I think I will probably join next year so I can go and shoot skeet.


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