July 7, 2020


Tuesday, September 28, 2004
We had a great dove hunting trip this year. Probably the best one yet.

We were not rushed at all this year. We came home a day later and had plenty of time to eat and get going. Also, Vince and Dad stayed an extra night at my house and left in the morning, so their trips on the road were not quite as bad either.

Highlights of the trip include: Denny's, the bird that gave Vince five chances, the Disney world ride in the truck, the not-to-great gun show, our experience shooting skeet at "American Shooting Centers", and the steak selection at the "Sirloin Stockade". Make sure to ask one of us about these events to get more information :)

We did not take many pictures this year, but the ones I did manage to take are here.


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