July 2, 2020


Friday, July 02, 2004
Ok. I'm slacking. I haven't updated the website in a while.

Last weekend, Vince and I went to see some property for sale in Toledo Bend. Pictures from the trip are here. The property is nice, but it isn't quite as big as we want. Also, there are some other pieces of land going through the middle of it that are not for sale and the price per acre is high. We may look into some other plots of land for sale in the area because we really like the area and being so close to Toledo Bend.

Here is a pdf that shows the layout of the land that we looked at. Also, this is a pdf of some 51 acre tracts we are looking at. It is kind of hard to make out on there, but here is a satellite image of the area. There are some other images and maps here in the pictures section. We are also looking at a large 130 acre tract in the same area, but I don't have any satellite photos of it yet.

Lastly, we just had an exciting EVA on the station. Some pictures off the T.V. are here.

In other news, it looks like we will be going to Dallas for the weekend. Check back for pictures!


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